Book Review - American Romances

American Romances by Rebecca Brown 

Rebecca Brown’s American Romances tickles the minds of her readers, enticing their imaginations and provoking their sensibilities to follow her on journey through a course of history that explores all figures and moments iconic to the American experience. Making bold statements in drawing delightfully unexpected connections, this collection of essays conscientiously acknowledges its wild, sometimes carnivalesque perceptions and flourishes them for the reader unapologetically. With its frank curiosity and often irreverent confessions, Brown’s pen produces a voice that is both refreshing and confidential – one has the distinct impression that as readers we are being offered a glimpse into thoughts and experiences that have not before been uttered, let alone written. The endnotes that culminate each chapter maintain the collection’s insightful and witty humor. Drawing upon literature, film, music and history, American Romances is a work whose wide spectrum probes at the reader’s senses and, as varying frequencies resonate within her audience, Brown has written a book that, in fact, Becomes more your own with every read.

(Review by Natalie Yasmin Soto)

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